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A Statement by Blakes About Recent Events in Israel

A Statement by Blakes About Recent Events in Israel
October 15, 2023

This has been an unthinkable week of horror. After witnessing the inhumane terror attacks that occurred in Israel last weekend, we have been shocked and disgusted to see an alarming rise in antisemitism and calls for violence against the Jewish people here in Canada and around the world. Our Jewish colleagues, clients and friends feel traumatized and isolated.

Blakes stands proudly and resolutely with our Jewish communities. We condemn the horrific terror attacks perpetrated by Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, and reject any attempt to justify the use of violence. We denounce all forms of hate, including antisemitism and all other religious, racial and targeted hate.

Our thoughts are with the innocent victims and their loved ones in both Israel and Gaza and we hope stability in the region can be achieved soon.