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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Blakes is a full-service Canadian law firm, providing specialized legal advice and unparalleled industry-sector experience. We provide strategic advice on business opportunities, regulatory compliance and risk management by considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in commercial operations, financing, sustainable investment transactions and dispute resolution.

Our multidisciplinary team works alongside:

  • Corporate clients who are focusing on ESG and sustainability to meet corporate governance and investor standards;

  • Investors on investment fund structures, investment transactions and portfolio company management.
  • Financial institutions on structuring sustainable finance transactions.

We incorporate Canadian legal developments, industry trends and data analytics to benefit our clients who are focused on ESG issues including:

  • Advising on transactional due diligence, sustainable financing and investments.

  • Advising on strategies geared towards managing carbon footprints including greenhouse gas emission requirements, climate change strategies, and measurement.

  • Advising clients on disclosure related to the environment to help ensure they meet legal requirements and investor expectations/best practices. 

  • Working directly with clients to avoid or mitigate the risks of environmental liabilities associated to ongoing operations.

  • Advising on the management of supply chain agreements, values and risk.

  • Promoting diversity and advising on employee relations, workplace health and safety and employee satisfaction.

  • Partnering with clients to create positive community impact, engagement and participation.

  • Advising on Indigenous rights and issues, including community consultation and engagement, joint venture negotiation, project support and impact benefit agreements. 

  • Managing legal requirements and best practices to ESG related regulatory requirements, reporting and disclosure

  • Advising boards on ESG matters, executive compensation, accountability, investigations and overall governance.

  • Advising boards and management on decisions that support organizational objectives, shareholder interests, activism and organizational sustainability.


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