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Consumer & Industrial Products

The Blakes Health & Product Regulatory Group works directly with consumer and industrial product manufacturers, distributors and retailers at all stages of the product development, sale and promotional cycle to ensure compliance with various legal requirements.

We have helped clients in a range of product industries, including children’s toys, electrical products, household appliances, clothing and textiles, vaping products, cosmetics, industrial equipment and tools, and farm equipment. We have a depth of knowledge in relation to not only legally mandated requirements, but also industry standards and third-party certifications and accreditations.

Our cross-disciplinary expertise in related areas such as privacy and advertising compliance means that we can provide practical, nuanced and tailored advice that is sensitive to the needs of your business and industry.

We also have expertise in assisting clients with product recalls and regulator notifications (including under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act), compliance with product packaging and labelling requirements (including under the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act) and liaising and negotiating with various regulators in this space (including the Consumer Product Safety Directorate within Health Canada).


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