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International Trade

Operating in a global economy presents a wide range of challenges. Each country has its own specific rules regulating trade, financing and investment. There are restrictions on imports and exports, customs, tax liabilities, ownership rules and a host of varied circumstances that make international business law particularly complex.

Our International Trade lawyers have extensive backgrounds and experience in all facets of international trade law and provide top-quality advice and strategies to public- and private-sector clients on all aspects of international trade in Canada, including:

  • Duties and taxes payable on imports, customs valuation, tariff classification, rules of origin determination and country of origin marking

  • Customs compliance, administration, dispute resolution and litigation, voluntary disclosures, seizures and forfeitures, verifications, and appeals

  • Customs and trade remedies, including dumping and subsidy investigations, injury proceedings, public interest investigations, expiry reviews and safeguard actions

  • Canada’s interprovincial and international trade agreements

  • Economic sanctions and export controls

  • Controlled goods program

  • Cross-border-trade due diligence

  • Anti-bribery, anti-money laundering and foreign corruption laws

  • Government procurement

  • Investment treaty arbitration


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