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The vulnerability in processes that rely on the interaction of people became evident in 2020. This has provided the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) industry with a spotlight to demonstrate its capabilities at providing safe alternatives to traditional delivery, surveillance and inspection services.

The use of remotely piloted aerial systems, or drones, is fast becoming a reality for many of our clients. During the next few years, drone technology will increasingly impact business operations across all industry sectors. From monitoring pipelines and gathering data for insurers to cropdusting and deliveries, drones will become an essential tool for businesses to stay competitive.

Blakes is the first Canadian law firm to build a practice focused on drones, with a multidisciplinary team led by lawyers from our top-tier Aviation & Aerospace group. We are purposefully building our drones expertise across all relevant areas of law to ensure we can provide pragmatic and commercial advice on all issues that are likely to arise as drones increasingly become a part of everyday life.

As regulators struggle to keep pace with the rapid development of RPAS technology, our lawyers are working with clients to navigate ever-changing regulatory requirements to enable them to effectively and efficiently introduce drones to their business. Our team also includes cybersecurity, privacy, technology, intellectual property, procurement, competition, corporate/commercial and dispute resolution lawyers who work together to help clients get their drone operations off the ground.

In addition, we advise drone manufacturers and other supply chain participants across areas, including regulation, M&A, venture capital, finance and international trade. This gives us a broad industry perspective and deepens our sector knowledge. We are closely following global regulatory developments and have strong relationships with Transport Canada to ensure we are on the cutting edge of developments. Whatever industry you are in, our lawyers can guide you on how to take advantage of drone technology to improve your business operations in Canada.