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Transmission & Distribution

Canada is a sought-after market for power-related ventures and investment. At the same time, however, Canada has infrastructure challenges and complex regulatory, environmental, Indigenous and treaty matters impacting those engaged in power-related enterprises. Faced with these challenges and seeking to leverage opportunities, public- and private-industry players from a variety of generating sources, including nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric, wind and solar, seek out Blakes Power lawyers for comprehensive advice and representation. Our clients include power generators, transmitters and distributors, oil and gas pipeline companies, oil storage, refining companies and industrial consumers, among others.

Our ability to provide sound legal guidance extends to a broad range of power transmission and distribution-specific topics, including services and planning considerations, substation siting and development, generator/transmission interconnection and distribution agreements, power purchase, supply, maintenance and repair agreements, pipeline projects and infrastructure matters, structuring and responding to requests for proposals (RFPs), and Plan Nord opportunities. We also advise on environmental and regulatory compliance, resolution of Indigenous issues and a broad range of other regulatory and environmental-specific issues. From finance agreements to workplace issues, including worker health and safety and labour relations matters, we advise clients on all aspects of their business dealings.

In addition to our transactional practice, Blakes Power litigators regularly represent clients in hearings, applications, rule-making proceedings and appeals before key regulatory bodies, including various provincial regulatory bodies, the National Energy Board, and in court proceedings at all levels. Additionally, we advocate for clients regarding policy issues, permitting and environmental impact review, tax credits, rates, funding, and energy-efficiency issues.

With offices across Canada, Blakes lawyers are experts in the province-specific rules impacting the power industry and are strategically located to serve our clients in the various provinces where they conduct business.


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