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Launch of SEDAR+ Completed

July 25, 2023

The System for Electronic Data Analysis and Retrieval + (SEDAR+) launched on July 25, 2023. Accordingly, the exemptions from filing or delivering certain documents through SEDAR+ during the transition period no longer apply. These exemptions were part of the local blanket orders implemented by every member of the Canadian Securities Administrators (collectively, Blanket Order).

Cutover Period Filings

Any filer that relied on the exemption in the Blanket Order from the requirement to file or deliver a document through SEDAR+ from July 21, 2023, through July 24, 2023, inclusive, must transmit the relevant document through SEDAR+ no later than July 27, 2023.

Onboarding to SEDAR+

Filers that previously completed onboarding should now have access to SEDAR+. Filers that did not complete the onboarding process during the prelaunch onboarding window will need to register for SEDAR+ at this time.

Overview of SEDAR+

SEDAR+ consolidates and replaces the previous SEDAR system, the national Cease Trade Order database, the Disciplined List database and certain filings previously made via paper filings or in the British Columbia Securities Commission’s eServices system and the Ontario Securities Commission’s electronic filing portal. SEDAR+ also includes a consolidated reporting issuers list from all provincial and territorial regulators.    

It is currently expected that future phases of SEDAR+ will replace the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders, the National Registration Database and other filings in local systems.

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