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E-Discovery & Document Management

E-Discovery & Document Management
The Blakes E-Discovery & Document Management group assists clients with all aspects of electronic discovery (e-discovery) and the storage, management and retention of documents.
Today, all litigation involves e-discovery. While e-discovery is one of the most expensive parts of litigation, it is also one of the most important. Our goal is to contain costs and quickly find documents that are key to your case. To achieve this, we use technology such as early case-assessment software and technology-assisted review to narrow in on relevant material and reduce the volume of documents that need to be reviewed. We use a combination of in-house solutions and vendors, as appropriate.

Our E-Discovery & Document Management lawyers have experience handling every type of case, from those where our clients need to identify problematic documents to determine next steps, to some of the largest, most complicated document reviews in the country. We also provide strategic counselling to our clients on all aspects of e-discovery.
Document Management
Our lawyers provide advice to clients on all aspects of document management. This includes reviewing data storage systems, reviewing and drafting information management policies, advising on the implications to litigation of implementing new technologies,  and advising clients on how they can improve their information management systems to save money and be more litigation-ready.


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