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Autonomous & Connected Vehicles

With technology playing a dominant role and accelerating exponentially in all sectors, autonomous and connected vehicles (AVs/CVs) are no longer things of fiction. They are here and revolutionizing the transportation industry. The digitization of vehicles is already having an impact on automakers, vehicle safety, travel behaviour, fuel costs and travel time. Cities will see a transformation in smart infrastructure to accommodate and enhance communication among the growing number of driverless vehicles. And as with any innovation, there are the associated legal issues, particularly with respect to regulation, liability, data breaches and cybersecurity. 

However the world of technology may evolve, Blakes evolves with it. Our Autonomous & Connected Vehicles law group brings together our leading Automotive and Technology practices to provide the ideal combination of innovation and experience. From legal implications to identifying trends, opportunities and potential threats, our Autonomous Vehicles group is well equipped from every angle to assist clients navigating their way through the AV/CV market and pending legislation changes, as well as related industries.

Always with the client in mind, Blakes lawyers are focused on delivering successful results and gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding of market developments and influencers. With extensive expertise in all relevant areas, we have the capacity to assist clients with any legal challenges they face and are regularly sought out by some of the industry’s biggest players to help them with their business needs.


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